YEREVAN. – We have a problem connected with the quality of the surface of the North-South road. We reliably know that the road that was constructed doesn’t meet qualitative standards, especially in terms of the quality of the cement and the concrete.

Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on Tuesday said the abovementioned at the National Assembly, during the debates on the 2019 State Budget draft of Armenia.

He noted that an expertise study was being conducted to determine how to continue the construction of this road corridor in the country.

“The North-South definitely shall be built,” the acting PM added. “And the quality is under the accountability of the state itself.”

And commenting on the construction of the highway that will become an alternative for Armenia to the Upper Lars highway between Georgia and Russia, Pashinyan said this was an important matter, but Armenia was not a negotiating party in that process, and the negotiating parties were Georgia, Russia, and a Swiss company which acts as a mediator.

“In contacts with our Russian, Georgian and Swiss colleagues, we [Armenia] constantly raise that matter,” the acting PM noted. “But we are not a negotiating party.”