We have fully entered the pre-election phase; the deadline for submitting applications for running in the snap [parliamentary] elections is over.

Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated the aforementioned before starting Thursday’s Cabinet meeting of the Government of Armenia. He added that the government was bearing the political accountability for the holding of this election—which will be conducted on December 9.

“We have set a task to hold the best quality and best elections in the history of the third Republic [of Armenia],” he said. “We need to hold elections that meet the highest international standards.”

In Pashinyan’s words, the dragging of the public education sector into electoral processes shall be ruled out, and the use of administrative levers to “guide” the voters shall be uprooted in Armenia.

As for vote buying, the acting PM said the law enforcement agencies need to carry out “prophylactic” works as well in this regard, and so that it will not become necessary to bring people to account.