YEREVAN. – If the CSTO members fail to achieve consensus at the upcoming summit on December 6, we will continue working to achieve consensus, since decisions within the CSTO are made in this way, Armenia's acting PM Nikol Pashinyan told reporters on Tuesday.

Asked whether Yerevan plans to respond to the statement by Belarus Foreign Ministry, Pashinyan said: “The Armenian side has already responded to this. I said what I was going to say. My interlocutor here is the President of Belarus. I will repeat what I said without any doubt. I will do what I’ve said, namely I will ask for explanations for what has happened and on other processes. This is not something new, this happened in the past and will continue. Anyhow, we are not going to keep silence in connection with the issues that are in the interests of Armenia. We are going to consistently defend the interests of Armenia, also among our partners”.

Commenting on the fact that Belarus and Azerbaijan signed a memorandum after the exchange between Yerevan and Minsk, and whether this can be a response of Belarus, Pashinyan recalled that a treaty on the supplies of Polonez rocket launchers was signed three months ago, when Armenia’s representative was the CSTO Secretary General.  

“Our position is clear. We condemn these deals and we believe they contradict the interests and the spirit of cooperation within the CSTO. As I have already said, at this stage the most important task is as follows: we should receive clarifications, and it should be clear to each country which are their obligations to partners and the organization, and at the same time organization’s commitment to the countries. We fulfill our allied obligations, but we, unfortunately, cannot say the same when it comes to a number of partners,” he said.

Acting PM added that Armenia’s goal is to give new content to the CSTO, to clarify relations and obligations, to have mutually predictable and transparent relations.