YEREVAN. – The Republican Party of Armenia is ready for cooperation with the other political forces, including Nikol Pashinyan-led Civil Contract party, representative of RPA Gagik Minasyan told Armenian

According to Minasyan, for the effective functioning of the political system, a real opposition should be represented in the parliament, which can not only criticize, but also offer alternative programs, including in the spirit of cooperation.

“In the National Assembly a force must be represented that will be capable of constructive opposition. Such a force can be the Republican Party of Armenia, which, unlike some forces, is consistent in its decisions and approaches and does not change political preferences based on short-term benefits and motivations, ”the member of the dissolved parliament noted.

Gagik Minasyan pointed to serious challenges in terms of foreign policy, internal security and economy.

Eleven political forces, including RPA, are running in the snap parliamentary election set for December 9.