Yerevan will host  the ArmSec 2018 conference on November 24, the founder of the ArmSec fund Samvel Martirosyan told reporters on Tuesday.

According to him, the cybersecurity experts will be able to exchange knowledge and experience, along with the lectures available to a wide range of listeners on legislative regulation of the cybersecurity.

ArmSec 2018 brings together all cybersecurity professionals, provides communication and exchange of experience between them, helping all of them to increase knowledge and skills, he noted.

Capture the Flag (CTF) is expected to be held after the conference. Capture the Flag is a special kind of information security competitions. This competition encourage teams to subvert security systems and bypass safeguards through known- or competitor-created exploits to earn points.

ArmSec 2018 will be held on November 24 at the American University of Armenia. The conference and competition organizers are the ArmSec Foundation, a venture capital fund, Illuria security and AUA Akian College of Science and Engineering.