YEREVAN. – The campaign season for the upcoming snap parliamentary election in Armenia is underway for two days already, and we can say that unusual events and incidents have not occurred yet, Zhamanak (Time) newspaper reported.

“In their public address before the start of the campaign, virtually all [political] parties, [MP] candidates urged to maintain politeness toward contending forces, or rating [i.e. territorial representation electoral system] candidates.

“[But] the Zhamanak correspondent yesterday [Tuesday] informed that at Shengavit administrative district (…) of [capital city] Yerevan, the Bright Armenia Party candidates’ election posters posted on the walls are being destroyed by the members, or supporters of [acting PM Nikol Pashinyan-led] My Step alliance, [and] posting their own [posters],” Zhamanak wrote.

Campaign season for the upcoming snap National Assembly (NA) election has gotten underway Monday in Armenia.

The campaign season will conclude on December 7, whereas December 8 is election silence day, and December 9—election day

Eleven political forces—two alliances and nine parties—are running for parliament.

As a result of this election, the NA seats will be distributed proportionally among the political forces that have passed the respective minimum thresholds: 5% for parties, and 7% for alliances.