These wiretapped conversations are being published for them to serve as a lifesaver for the corrupted system, Armenia’s acting PM Nikol Pashinsyan stated today in a live video referring to the publication of wiretapped conversation between him and the NSS director.

“In essence, it is a declared war against Armenia’s statehood,” he said, describing the publication of the conversation as manifestation of counter-revolution.

Pashinyan also stressed that it has been mounted and some episodes have been cut.

“The wiretapped conversation is mounted. There are episodes I have told about at the NA but they have been cut. In particular there is a part when NSS director tells me that the judge is frightened, and I respond what does it mean he is frightened? The NSS has to ensure the security and independence of the judge. If you cannot do it, it means you cannot work,” Pashinyan said.

The PM also stressed that the activities of the NSS and SIS fit in the circles of their official functions.