YEREVAN. – There are problems in relations between the political forces of Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and Edmon Marukyan—that is, between the My Step Alliance and the Bright Armenia Party, respectively.

Political analyst Alexander Iskandaryan, who is Founding Director of the capital city Yerevan-based Caucasus Institute, told about the aforementioned to Armenian

In his words, there are problems and controversies between them, but at the same time there is a motivation to work together.

“We saw how Pashinyan’s [political] team worked in the last three election campaigns; that was mutual interest,” Iskandaryan noted. “So, the cooperation has been confirmed.”

The analyst stressed that the demand of the opposition will grow in Armenia, and said this means that people need to “picture” this demand.

“For now, there is a demand in [Armenia’s] society for a general consolidation, expectation that the political forces should resolve something together,” he added. “As soon as a demand comes forth for criticism outside parliament, it will quickly move to the National Assembly.”

Alexander Iskandaryan argued that in the future, criticism will come from both the Bright Armenia and Prosperous Armenia Parties as well as from within the ruling party—the Civil Contract Party, as a result of splitting.