YEREVAN. – Over the next five years, the activities of the Government of Armenia will be aimed at the development of hi-tech economy for the development of industry, by maintaining the high ecological standards.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on Tuesday stated the aforesaid at the National Assembly, as he presented the five-year program of the government.

Subsequently, he declared yet again the start of economic revolution in Armenia.

“The task of the Cabinet of Ministers is the change in the GDP structure so that, five years later, technologies and innovations become the locomotive of the [country’s] economy,” Pashinyan noted. “Those innovations should include all domains.”

He assured that his government will fight against economic monopoly in Armenia, and endeavor to build a competitive economic environment in the country.

“Now, economic growth in our country is dependent on not a sizeable number of large companies,” Pashinyan said. “There are in Armenia companies whose whims and moods can have a significant impact on our economy—and even cause shocks.” 

The PM pledged to create in Armenia an economy that will be free of influence by individual subjects.