From now on Ucom TV subscribers may watch all 24 parts of The Ancient Kings historical drama available at “VoD” section free of charge.

This historical drama was first aired in 2016 on Armenia Premium TV channel exclusively broadcast on Ucom network. The fictional events taking place in the pre-Christian era were also aired on Armenia TV channel in 2018.

“Being faithful to the idea of supporting the creation and promotion of quality Armenian TV production, Ucom has also reduced the price for watching the TV content, in this particular case, 11 TV projects, created special for the audience of Armenia Premium. At present the rate for watching 1 episode of the Armenian TV content of recent years available at “VoD” section is set at 100 AMD, instead of the previous 200 AMD, 250 AMD or 300 AMD,” noted Hayk Yesayan, Co-founder and Director General at Ucom.

It should be noted that Ucom subscribers may watch each episode of the following TV projects - The Million in a Trap, Children of the Orchestra, Countdown, SOS: Save Our Souls, Stand Up (1st and 2nd seasons), Toxic Love, Towards the Dream, I See, The Desired Groom, Mench Challenge and The Bought Happiness at a rate of 100 AMD.