YEREVAN. – Elections take place in Armenia whose official results are not disputed, and this is truly a turning point for Armenia, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on Wednesday said during the Universal Rights Awards Ceremony.

In his words, the change is that election results will never again be rigged in Armenia because not only desired, but also undesired results for the authorities are now being recorded in these—especially local—elections in the country.

“But this ‘undesired’ is within the logic of conventionality, since our desired result is that the people of the Republic of Armenia are making the decision,” he added. “A government is established in the Republic of Armenia [and] which is (…) the ally and backer (…) of those people and organizations that are fighting against human rights violations; this is a cornerstone matter to us.

“To us, the formula for ensuring human rights is to create equal opportunities for all citizens.”