The preliminary investigation of the criminal case into a little child’s brutal murder in Armenia’s Armavir Province is completed, and the youngster’s father has been charged with murder and three counts of beating.

It was found out that this child and his mother were also previously subjected to violence by this man, prior to that tragic day last September.

Rustam Manukyan had settled with his wife and child in Khanjyan village on September 13, 2018.

And in the morning of September 28, this man had slapped and punched the 9-month-old baby to stop him from crying.

As a result, the youngster had suffered fractures and brain hemorrhage.

Seeing the violence against her son, the man’s wife had attempted to interfere, but the man had beaten her, too.

According to preliminary investigation, the man had forced her wife to bury the child in order to cover up the murder.

The woman, however, had taken the baby’s body, run to Armavir town hospital where the child was pronounced dead.

According to Pastinfo, this man had prior convictions, and he had been released on parole. 

Criminal charges have been brought against Manukyan, and he has been remanded in custody.

The criminal case has been sent to the court.