On 14 March, Armenia’s State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition held a discussion with colleagues from the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic). The discussion was devoted to the implementation of actions aimed at improving the competitive environment in the two Armenian republics.

Chairman of the State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition Artak Shaboyan stated that the cooperation between the two commissions for competition has particularly been developing very actively and effectively over the past years, and the completed activities have had a positive impact on several sectors. “We have really recorded serious achievements through joint efforts, but I must say that the results are not sufficient for us. There are new predetermined programs, and we will gear our efforts to implement those programs in the years to come and ensure a favorable competitive environment for the development of business.”

Newly appointed chairman of the Public Services and Economic Competition Regulatory Commission of Artsakh Mikayel Virabyan assured that the active cooperation would continue and that the Commissions would do their best to solve the problems effectively.

Over the past years, Armenia’s Commission has always supported the colleagues of Artsakh for institutional capacity-building, implementation of joint proceedings and the exchange of experience and information. The colleagues from Artsakh also attached importance to the fact that, within the scope of the Agreement concluded between the two Commissions, Armenia’s State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition has always provided information on retail prices of first necessity items, and this has provided the opportunity to coordinate and oversee the prices of commodities that the Republic of Armenia imports. The analyses based on the information have allowed to curb the groundless inflation in Artsakh.