When the time comes to dismantle the cafes in other parks, we’ll meet and talk to all the café owners, but dismantling of the cafes near Opera House is a priority for us. This is what head of Kentron Administrative District Victor Mnatsakanyan told journalists on 15 March.

He informed that no other area will be allocated to any one of the cafes being dismantled. “We’re considering allocating an area to Marr café. As for the Shokoladnitsa café, 20% will be dismantled,” Mnatsakanyan stated.

He stressed the fact that whatever is located near a park in Yerevan and is made from concrete is temporary. “We’re warning everyone, but of course, we’ll talk it over and give the café owners time to move.”

According to the head of the administrative district, for the time being, cafes in the premises of the Opera House that are beyond the gate will remain. “We acknowledge the fact that cafes are a part of the identity of Yerevan. For instance, we’re not against cafes near the Cascade Complex because that is not a park.”

According to him, new zones will be created in Yerevan and people will be provided with the opportunity to diversify their businesses, but not at the expense of parks.