Three prominent Republican lawmakers made a last-ditch effort to hash out a plan before the Senate's vote on a resolution condemning President Donald Trump's national-emergency declaration. In doing so, the group interrupted Trump as he was having dinner, according to a Politico report published Thursday.

On the night before the Thursday vote, Republican Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, and Ben Sasse of Nebraska reportedly gave little to no advanced notice of their White House trip to formulate a plan with Trump.

The three senators, two of them staunch allies of the president, were inclined to distance themselves from the Democrat-supported resolution.

The unexpected discussion did not appear to have been fruitful.

After other White House officials were summoned to discuss the coming vote, the senators and Trump appeared to be deadlocked. The White House's chief of legislative affairs, Shahira Knight, reportedly remarked to others that it "probably did more harm than good" and that the encounter annoyed Trump.