Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia Anna Naghdalyan has responded to the question of Interfax news agency related to the statement that expert of the “What? Where? When?” TV show, Russian citizen of Azerbaijani descent Rovshan Askerov made about the impossibility of visiting Armenia on the ground of national belonging.

Some sections of the interview with expert of the “What? Where? When?” TV show Rovshan Askerov related to Armenia are simply surprising since citizens of Russia have been visiting Armenia with Russian passports for over two years now, and this essentially facilitates their entry into Armenia, making Armenia one of the traditionally most in-demand destinations for Russian tourists.

Moreover, the geography of people visiting Armenia exclusively encompasses all countries, without any national discrimination. It should be mentioned that ethnic Azerbaijanis, as well as all citizens of Azerbaijan enter Armenia without any obstacles, in contrast to other countries, including Russia where the entry of citizens with Armenian last names into Azerbaijan is banned.

Armenia is always open for all visitors, including Mr. Askerov,” Anna Naghdalyan said.