On 19 March, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received Armenian American businessman, benefactor and well-known designer James Tufenkian.

The Prime Minister welcomed James Tufenkian’s activities in Armenia and Artsakh and stated that the implementation of programs in various sectors through the Tufenkian Foundation are of major significance for the development of both Armenia and Artsakh.

Nikol Pashinyan stated that the Armenian government is implementing reforms for ongoing improvement of the business climate, the promotion of business initiatives, the simplification of legislative regulations and in several other directions that will facilitate business in Armenia and foster the engagement of investments.

James Tufenkian stated that Armenians of the Diaspora are following the changes taking place in Armenia with excitement and pride and have a great desire and interest to visit Armenia, familiarize themselves with the processes, become engaged in the country’s development programs and support the reforms under implementation.

Tufenkian stated that the positive changes that he has personally seen (introduction of a new culture in business, essential facilitation of regulations for doing business, etc.) are of major significance from the perspective of the engagement of investments.

The Prime Minister and James Tufenkian discussed the programs being implemented by the Tufenkian Foundation and particularly touched upon the investment project for a hotel complex under construction in the Areni village of Vayots Dzor Province. 

James Tufenkian stated that the Tufenkian hotel under construction will be the largest Tufenkian hotel in Armenia and will be exploited in two years. Tufenkian emphasized that he is ready to continue to implement development programs in Armenia and Artsakh and assist the government in implementing its reforms.