North Korean representatives have left the liaison office with South Korea after the failure of the summit between the leaders of Pyongyang and Washington, AFP reported

According to the source, North Korean representatives reported this during a weekly meeting with representatives of the South Korea on Friday, stating that the decision was made at the direction of a higher level, Deputy Minister of Unification of South Korea Chun Hae-sung told reporters.

In September last year, a liaison office between North and South Koreas was opened in the border town of Kaesong. The office has 20 employers on each side to maintain communication on an ongoing basis. It was expected to be the first step towards the opening of the embassies of the two Koreas in Seoul and Pyongyang.

As reported earlier, the last meeting of US and North Korean leaders in Hanoi in February of this year ended without an agreement. The US President Donald Trump left the negotiations ahead of schedule. Washington did not like Pyongyang’s demand for the partial lifting of sanctions. After that, Pyongyang states it will not continue talks with the American side until the US changed it behavior.