Established upon the decision of Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and chaired by Chief Advisor to the Prime Minister Arsen Gasparyan, the state task force coordinating waste disposal and waste processing is launching the first phase of activities, reports the news service of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, according to

The task force, in partnership with the Acopian Center for the Environment of the American University of Armenia (AUA), is launching the Waste Quantity and Composition Study Program funded by the AUA Manoogian-Simone Research Foundation.

The program will include a study on the quantity and composition of solid waste, construction, industrial, electric and electronic, agricultural and gardening, medical and automobile wastes.

The program will engage local experts and the local self-government bodies of different provinces of Armenia and will help train experts and the local personnel to conduct similar studies.

The results of the study will help the government revise and implement the comprehensive waste management policy based on the principles of oval economy. The goal of the program is to obtain information in order to make decisions on investments in the sectors of waste collection and processing and energy use.