The main theory into the death of Armenian citizen Albert Yepremyan, who had fallen under the chassis of a plane at Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow, is that the passengers’ flight and registration dispatchers have violated the technical regulation.

RIA Novosti reported the aforesaid citing Sergey Vazulin, Head of Moscow Inter-Regional Transport Investigations Directorate.

In his words, the 25-year-old Armenian national—who was deported from Spain—had unlawfully appeared on the runway due to breach of technical regulation by the passengers’ flight and registration dispatchers at the airport.

Investigators believe that this man was not overseen upon arrival at Sheremetyevo airport, and instead of getting on the bus taking passengers to the flight to Armenia’s capital city of Yerevan, he had gone on a runway where he had fallen under a passenger plane.

Vazulin noted that the investigation of the criminal case into Yepremyan’s death is still in progress.

As reported earlier, the aforesaid incident occurred on November 20 of the year past. Armenian citizen Albert Yepremyan was deported from Spain and was on his way back to Yerevan via Moscow. Police had accompanied the man until the bus that was to take him to the plane heading for Yerevan. Yepremyan, however, got out of the bus and ran on a runway where, however, he was run over by a Boeing 737 that was about to take off en route to Athens.