Leader of Bright Armenia Party Edmon Marukyan has a good sense of humor. This is what Deputy of the ruling My Step faction Gevorg Papoyan told journalists on 25 March, commenting on the statement of the leader of Bright Armenia Party that if elections took place now, Bright Armenia Party would garner more votes than the current political party of Armenia’s Prime Minister. 

According to Papoyan, there was a major difference between the votes of My Step Alliance and the remaining political parties based on the results of the parliamentary elections held in December 2018. “The complaints that people often make these days are due to the fact that they know that the government officials are people whom they elected,” he stated. The MP is certain that the ruling parliamentary faction is taking advantage of the trust of the majority of the population and that this is why people are holding protests to make their voices heard. “Before change of power, they would express discontent only when they would find themselves in a situation that they couldn’t get out of,” Gevorg Papoyan concluded.