On 11 April, the attorneys of former deputy of the National Assembly Manvel Grigoryan, who is under custody, responded to the letter of the European Court of Human Rights addressed to the attorneys in regard to the case of Manvel Grigoryan. This is what Grigoryan’s attorney Levon Baghdasaryan told Armenian News-NEWS.am.

The European Court of Human Rights had responded to the case of the Government of the Republic of Armenia over former deputy of the National Assembly Manvel Grigoryan and addressed a letter to the attorneys, offering to submit comments or suggestions regarding the government’s position within three days.

“The government has expressed a position, accepting the fact that Manvel Grigoryan has diseases, but at the same time, the government believes that the conditions in Armenia are sufficient for his treatment. However, we don’t consider these conditions legitimate since negative development of the health condition of Grigoryan is noticeable, and we have submitted objections under this ground within the limits of nearly 20 pages.”

Manvel Grigoryan is charged with illegally keeping weapons and ammunition, appropriating property, avoiding to pay taxes, wasting public funds and organizing plunder of property through extortion.