The proposal to ban public service employees from wearing religious symbols has sparked sharp debates, reports AFP.

The proposal implies banning public service employees, teachers, nurses, bus drivers, attorneys and others from wearing religious symbols during work hours.

“The proposed law concerns Muslims more than other groups since they are the more rapidly growing religious group,” political science professor of the University of Toronto Nelson Wiseman said. Muslims make up nearly 3% of the 8.3 million residents of Quebec.

Thousands of demonstrators participated in the recent march in Montreal as a sign of protest.

“It is unthinkable to me that in a free society we would legitimatize discrimination against citizens based on their religion,” Premier Trudeau told reporters.

Christian, Jewish, Muslim and even mundane groups have criticized this event in Quebec.

Nevertheless, Mayor of Montreal Valery Plante has declared that even though he is personally against the bill, Montreal won’t dispute it, if it is adopted.