YEREVAN. – In case of financial problems, the Ministry of Agriculture will assist Spayka company.

The Acting Minister of Agriculture of Armenia, Gegham Gevorgyan, said this at a press conference on Monday.

“Spayka company has announced that it will not continue the procurement [of fruits and vegetables] if it has financial problems,” he said. “And we [the Armenian government] have stated that in case of financial problems, we will assist both Spayka and other companies; we have a special program and financial resources for that. So I believe we shouldn’t have that problem of financial resources.”

“We always seek new players, encourage their entry [into Armenia’s market]; but not at one’s expense, but because we need it.”

In Gevorgyan’s words, there is no matter of occupying Spayka’s place in Armenia’s export market, but rather the matter is about filling the gap that exists in this market.

On April 8, the capital city Yerevan Court of General Jurisdiction ruled that Spayka company director Davit Ghazaryan be remanded in custody for two months. Subsequently, a group of Spayka workers staged a protest against this decision.

On April 4, charges were filed against Ghazaryan, and within the framework of a criminal case into non-payment of large amount of taxes.

As per the respective State Revenue Committee statement, Spayka company has not paid 7,036,666,312 drams (approx. US$14,468,090) in customs duties and taxes to the state budget.