Leader of Bright Armenia party, MP Edmon Marukyan hopes the incumbent government “doesn’t turn Citizen’s Day into a day of self-appraisal”. Commenting on the Prime Minister’s statements regarding him, Marukyan told Armenian News-NEWS.am that he has only said that it is necessary to do everything possible to raise the level of civic awareness of the citizens of Armenia. “I just said that people shouldn’t seek saviors among political figures. If a person seeks a savior, it means he doesn’t have civic awareness and is not a citizen,” the parliamentarian clarified. He also commented on another statement by the PM, who said the following: “If you listen to what Edmon Marukyan was saying a year ago, things might be clearer.” “I believe the Prime Minister meant the statements that I had made a year ago. At the time, I called on him and then leader of the country to sit around a negotiating table and transfer power peacefully,” Marukyan emphasized, adding that he only wanted to avoid seeing bloodshed.

Marukyan also stated that he takes pride in the statements he had made. According to him, power was peacefully transferred through Pashinyan’s actions and thanks to the then authorities, police and citizens. “So, I agree with what the Prime Minister says. He’s right when he says that we need to remember my statements. I don’t see the problem,” the MP said and voiced hope that Armenia’s incumbent authorities won’t turn Citizen’s Day into “a day of self-appraisal”.