The presence of tension in the region hampers the expansion of economic cooperation between separate members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (PABSEC).

Vice president of the National Assembly of Armenia, Lena Nazaryan, on Tuesday expressed such a view at the 52nd PABSEC meeting on culture, education, and social issues.

But she expressed confidence that this issue can be resolved through the development of multilateral dialogue.

“The format of interparliamentary cooperation can serve as an appropriate mechanism for the discussion and resolution of regional issues,” Nazaryan explained.

In the parliament deputy speaker’s words, Armenian authorities are carrying out a reform policy within the framework of implementation of the concept of “economic revolution” in the country.

Nazaryan noted that Armenian authorities view interparliamentary cooperation as an opportunity to raise the level of security among the participants. In addition, as per the deputy speaker of Armenia’s legislature, this is an opportunity for creating solid foundations for the formation of relations on the basis of trust and mutual understanding.