YEREVAN. – If the authorities go to the redistribution of the economic market and decide that there really is a problem with [Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) Chairman] Gagik Tsarukyan’s [parliamentary] mandate, our leader also will not delay his steps in response; all of us will give up our mandates—[together] with Tsarukyan. A PAP source of Hraparak (Square) newspaper told this to the paper.

“We inquired from one of the well-known constitutionalists as to what this step assumes. ‘The Constitution [of Armenia] prescribes that 30 percent of the parliament shall be the opposition. In case the PAP gives up its [parliamentary] mandates—even without the [other opposition] Bright Armenia [faction]—the parliament will become unconstitutional. But it should be taken into account that not only all members of the PAP faction [in parliament], but also all the candidates who are on the [PAP’s] proportional [representation electoral] list after them shall give up the mandates. [And] that unconstitutional situation will lead to snap parliamentary elections,’ he said.

‘“Will all your party members go to that?’ we asked the PAP member. ‘Don’t doubt [it]. If Tsarukyan says [so]—[they will do it] like one person.’ And then?  ‘In case of such developments, Mr. Tsarukyan intends to create a huge alliance and go to [parliamentary] elections with the alliance.’ With whom? ‘Many have already expressed readiness,’” Hraparak wrote.