YEREVAN. – Unemployment will become a serious challenge for Armenia and the entire world in the future, Deputy PM Tigran Avinyan said during the launch of “Work, Armenia” program and an event dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the International Labor Organization.

According to him, this is due to the fact that the economy is developing faster than education, and the role of the government is to create conditions for citizens to be able to quickly get used to the changing conditions.

“This is an important step towards the formation of the principles that will serve as a basis for the cooperation of the government, private sector, civil society, international community towards the implementation of plans to stimulate labor,” he said.

The program is based on three pillars: human capital development, employment promotion and institutional changes.

He assured that the government will work on each of the issues to reduce unemployment.

“It is not about creating jobs only, but also about increasing labor efficiency,” he stressed, adding that discussions with international partners have been launched.

Avinyan emphasized that the principles of the International Labor Organization are in compliance with the objectives of the Armenian government.

“The changes that took place in Armenia last year were implemented with the direct participation of citizens. In the days of the revolution, Armenian citizens, having demonstrated incredible will and consolidation, managed to stand up for their rights. Today a new stage of the revolution has been announced, this is an economic one, which will be based on labor stimulation. This initiative will also be one of those mechanisms that will allow citizens to find decent work,” he said.