Yerevan has inherited a very bad heritage. If you look around you and see what’s happening, you’ll see that Yerevan has turned into post-war Beirut. This is what Chief Architect of Yerevan Artur Meschyan stated during a May 15 press conference, touching upon wirings and natural gas pipelines in Yerevan.

“The “spider web” of electric wires in the city is messy. I’m not even talking about the natural gas pipelines. Do you think it’s possible to solve this issue in six months? Do you know how much it costs to dig one kilometer of a natural gas pipeline into the soil? You won’t find an open natural gas pipeline anywhere else in the world. It’s simply embarrassing,” he said.

Meschyan stated that he gets offended when people say there is no money in Yerevan and added that the city can procure many funds.

“Yerevan doesn’t have enough funding to accommodate residents of an accident-prone building in a normal building, but we’re trying to solve some issues with the funding that we have. We’ve just begun. We’re trying to do something and do it well,” he said.