YEREVAN.— Judge David Balayan tried to get to his workplace at Legal Court of Shengavit on Monday

He tried to get into the building through a window, but he did not manage to enter the building as two protesters pushed him and he fell.

As reported earlier, since the morning of May 20, following the call of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, the citizens of the country block the entrances and exits of the courts.

On Sunday, Pashinyan wrote on his Facebook: “From 8:30am the morning, we block the entrances and exits of all the courts of the republic, without exception, so that no one can get inside.”

On May 20, he is also expected to announce the second stage of the revolution and make a statement on the approval of people's power in the judicial-legal system.

A number of social and political organizations called his actions the overthrow of the constitutional order.