YEREVAN. – I just had a phone conversation with Catholicos Aram I of the [Armenian Church Catholicosate of the] Great House of Cilicia [of the Armenian Apostolic Church]. The Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan noted this on Facebook.

“I presented to him to the ongoing processes in Armenia, recording that processes are taking place aimed at strengthening of the people—that is, of the constitutional power—particularly, having an independent and impartial court, about whose substance and content I will speak in a short while, in the scheduled address [of mine],” Pashinyan added.

As reported earlier, Nikol Pashinyan on Sunday evening called on people to on Monday close off the entrances and exits of all courts in Armenia, as of 8:30am. In an earlier post, he had announced that he will speak live at noon, and with respect to the present-day situation in the judiciary of Armenia, and establishing the people’s power in this domain, too.

Several NGOs, however, have assessed this call by Pashinyan as a breach of the constitutional order in Armenia. Also, a number of political parties have issued statements in this regard.