Wife of the Prime Minister of Armenia, chairperson of the boards of trustees of the My Step and City of Smile charitable foundations Anna Hakobyan visited today the middle school named after veteran of the Four-Day Artsakh War Zhora Yesayan located in Darbnik village of Ararat Province. Escorted by head of the village Davit Gziryan and the school’s Principal Nelly Ziroyan, Anna Hakobyan toured the school and attended an event commemorating the hero of the Four-Day Artsakh War in the classroom named after him. During the visit, Anna Hakobyan also attended the culmination ceremony of the only class of fourth graders of the school.

“I’m very touched. It’s very important for us Armenians to have boys like Zhora. We owe it to Zhora and to these children to enhance and defend our country so that our borders remain impregnable and never suffer losses on the border again,” Anna Hakobyan said and advised the schoolchildren to study hard so that they can become helpful to the homeland in the future. “The empowerment of our country depends on each and every one of us. Each of us needs to be in his or her place and contribute to the country’s advancement with his or her work. Thank you for this day,” Anna Hakobyan concluded.