Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on Wednesday chaired a consultation with the heads of public administration agencies of Armenia, and during which the distribution the extra budgetary funds was discussed.

“We are confident that we will overfulfill the revenue part of this year’s budget by least 62 billion drams,” he said, in particular, in his remarks. “Additional 7 billion drams from these funds will be provided to the road construction program. We have agreed that the salaries of the military will increase as of July 1; and to this end, 6.8 billion drams will be provided for half a year. We have to raise the salaries of teachers; and for that, 3.5 billion drams will be needed this year. [And] we have to make decisions on the remaining funds.

“According to the data of the first quarter of this year, we [Armenia] have a 7.1% growth in gross domestic product. (...). This is a very encouraging indicator which gives us hope that if doing the right thing, we will reach the indicators with which we will be able to statistically consider also the economic revolution already begun.

“Economists advise us, and the view of many from the political team [of ours] and government representatives is that we have to try to spend these money on the directions that will boost the further economic growth.”

Also, PM Pashinyan instructed the heads of public administration agencies to further discus the proposals, and to carry out an assessment of the effectiveness of the programs.

In his words, the funds should be spent in a way that they ensure economic effect.