The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia declares that all compulsory fixed-term military servicemen of the Armed Forces, including the son of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, Ashot Pashinyan, are transferred to other military units, particularly training military units for the organizing of training on a regular basis during military service, along with their subdivisions and according to the previously approved curriculum.

“As a rule, all shifts are based on the staff list, are short-term and are restricted by the end of the specific action. The specified procedure refers to all military servicemen.

Once again, the Ministry of Defense urges everyone to refrain from spreading misinformation, especially imprecise information, or use overtly false news for domestic political purposes. Once again, the Ministry of Defense calls on verify any information related to the armed forces by contacting the relevant service of the Ministry of Defense,” the statement of the Ministry of Defense reads.