U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton is a fanatic of war, whose actions destroy peace and security, NK News reported referring to North Korean MFA’s statement. 

“Bolton deserves to be called a National Security Destruction Advisor who destroys peace and security, rather than a National Security Advisor working to guarantee security,” the spokesperson was quoted. “Our military exercises are not aimed at anyone, nor are they dangerous to neighboring countries, but [the U.S.] is impudently involving themselves in other countries’ affairs,” they added.

According to the statement, the launches of tactical missiles, which were conducted in the republic early May, were routine training of troops and did not pose a danger to neighboring countries.

Earlier, during a visit to Tokyo, Bolton called the recent rocket launches in the North Korea a clear violation of the UN Security Council resolution, but noted that the continuation of the talks between Washington and Pyongyang on resolving the situation on the Korean Peninsula is still possible.