Works of art belonging to French legend of Armenian origin Charles Aznavour will be sold at auction in Paris, Le Figaro reported

Bidding, organized by the Christie's, is scheduled for June 4, TASS said.

Two bronze sculptures will be exhibited at the auction. The first is the work of the French artist Germaine Richier, dated 1953. His other works have been moved to the Guggenheim Foundation in New York and the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels. Experts estimate the cost of the sculpture at € 2.5 million.

Another work is a sculpture by Cesar Baldaccini, dated back to 1958. The preliminary cost of the lot is € 60 thousand to € 80 thousand.

Earlier, a car bought by chansonnier in 1966 was sold at auction in France. Bidding took place in the Grand Palais exhibition palace on February 7.