YEREVAN. – ARARAT Single Cask 12 YO is the continuation of the ARARAT Single Cask innovative series launched by Yerevan Brandy Company back in 2017. The remarkable success of the predecessor of ARARAT Single Cask 12 YO - the first innovative drink of ARARAT, inspired the masters of Yerevan Brandy Company to continue the series, showing that innovation is not only about constant improvement, but also about finding new and unexpected facets.

ARARAT Single Cask 12 YO is the limited product of Yerevan Brandy Company with 12 years of aging, a unique age characteristic for ARARAT range. Non-blended and produced exclusively from endemic Armenian Lalvar grape variety, ARARAT Single Cask 12 YO is a kind of grisaille - a canvas made in one color, because the variety of organoleptic notes of Lalvar grapes in the hands of ARARAT masters created an incredibly bright shine of generosity.

Refined by North

Maturing for 12 years in a single cask, brandy spirit used for ARARAT Single Cask 12 YO has been aged in the cellars of YBC Tavush branch since the very first day of their foundation. Thus, brandy spirit obtained from rare Lalvar grape variety grown in northeastern part of Armenia over the years has been matured for a long time in the cellars of Tavush, where over the years the year-round constant temperature and the mild northern climate steadily gave the stained glass of organoleptic shades a noble refining. Thanks to this approach to the process of aging, ARARAT Single Cask 12 YO is distinguished by exceptional delicacy, subtlety, multi-subject fullness of taste and aroma.

Like its predecessor, ARARAT Single Cask 12 YO is a kind of invitation for a true connoisseur to the backstage of centuries-old traditions and the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of primeval origin. Skipped blending and cold filtration underlines the unique nature of the product.

Aesthetics of Contemplation

ARARAT Single Cask 12 YO has a light amber color and gloss mahogany. The long aging years are reflected in the ornamental image of drops flowing down in parallel after a slight rotation of the glass.

Aesthetics of pleasure

ARARAT Single Cask 12 YO is characterized by a harmonious caramel-vanilla aroma with soft floral notes and tones of smoked prunes. A strong, bounteous, rich taste with notes of candied fruit and roasted nuts turns into a long, pleasantly warming aftertaste.