Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that US is losing capacity for pressure on Iran, the situation in the country has improved compared to last year, Press TV reported

“The Iranian nation shall know that America’s pressure against our country has reached its maximum point, and the capacity [to apply pressure] is practically nearing its end,” the Iranian president said. “From this point on, these sanctions and pressure will lose their capacity [to cause harm] and will dry up.”

According to him, the US pressure on Iran is unprecedented, and even previous sanctions by the UN Security Council are no match for what Washington is doing.

Over the past month, the US-Iranian relations has deteriorated significantly. The US authorities have imposed tough sanctions against key areas of the Iranian economy and continue to increase sanctions pressure. US stated goal is to “change the behavior” of Iran. The US also declared the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) a terrorist organization. In response to this, Iran recognized the Central Command of the US Armed Forces (CENTCOM) as a terrorist organization.

After that, US National Security Advisor to the President John Bolton said that the US was sending the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln and bombers to the shores of Iran. According to him, Washington sends a clear and unmistakable signal to the Iranian regime that any attack on the interests of the US or its allies will be met with ruthless force.

At the same time, US President Donald Trump said that he hoped to avoid a war with Iran. Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei also said that Iran does not intend to wage war with the US, but will continue to resist Washington.