Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received today former deputy of the French National Assembly and former mayor of Alfortville René Rouquet, reports the press service of the Prime Minister of Armenia.

Greeting the guest, the Prime Minister stated that Mr. Rouquet has visited Armenia and Artsakh more than 30 times since 1989. “However, this visit is a special visit for you since today you will receive the passport of the Republic of Armenia and will become not only our unconditional friend, but also our fellow citizen,” the Prime Minister noted and handed the passport of the Republic of Armenia over to Rene Ruke, congratulating him and expressed gratitude for his pro-Armenian efforts.

René Rouquet also expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister for the high appreciation and stated the following: “It is a great honor to receive the passport of the Republic of Armenia from you. Since the age of 35, I have unconditionally supported the Armenian Cause since I have always had interactions with the Armenians in Alfortville and accept the Armenians as friends and relatives.”

The Prime Minister emphasized that Armenia highly appreciates Mr. Rouquet’s activities and that this passport is a reflection of that appreciation.