A while ago, Hayk Alumyan, attorney of second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan, filed a motion to the court to refuse the claim against Nikol Pashinyan. At the Yerevan court in Kanaker district, Hayk Alumyan declared that the plaintiff completely refuses the claim.

After the claim was filed, the court touched upon the distribution of court costs.

The defendant’s attorney Gevorg Gyozalyan declared that he had consulted with his client, Nikol Pashinyan and insisted that the court also touch upon the reasonable remuneration of the attorney and confiscate AMD 650,000 from the plaintiff in favor of the defendant for the costs of the attorney. However, Hayk Alumyan said the requested amount was not reasonable.

The court considered case examination complete and will announce a judicial act on June 24.

On September 17, 2018, Robert Kocharyan petitioned to a Yerevan court, and with a demand to defend his honor and dignity against “publicly expressed slander”. The reason for his submitting this petition was Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s public statement made during his working visit to France. The plaintiff considers the following part of Pashinyan’s statement as slander: “Or at least the interpretation on releasing Robert Kocharyan. He says he [Kocharyan] is untouchable [in terms of presidential immunity]. What does it mean ‘untouchable’? In other words, can [one] organize the killing of people and [then] say, ‘I’m untouchable’? Where is that so written?” Pashinyan had made this statement a few days after the Criminal Court of Appeal’s decision to release Robert Kocharyan from custody, and on the grounds of presidential immunity.