YEREVAN. – The Army 2019 international technico-military forum is held at Erebuni Airport, in Armenia’s capital city of Yerevan, where a Russian airbase is stationed (PHOTOS). This is part of a large-scale event which takes place in all military units and divisions of Russia.

The event at Erebuni Airport began with a solemn assembly and an award ceremony.

Subsequently, the pilots of this airbase demonstrated their skills in flying attack helicopters and fighter jets.

“I’m glad that such a large number of spectators have responded to our invitation,” on Friday said Aleksandr Petrov, commander of the Russian airbase in Armenia, speaking to reporters. “This is a traditional day of open doors. (...). I’m glad that it was held at a high level.”

In his words, the work under different climatic conditions is also analyzed during this event.

The forum will run until Sunday.