During the booming of Lake Sevan, it is strictly forbidden to irrigate the soil with the water, since toxins can get into the products, the international expert on the quality of veterinary services Grigor Grigoryan told reporters on Monday.

According to him, this phenomenon has not been studied sufficiently in order for us to have an idea of ​​what is actually happening.

"Signals were already received in summer 2018, but nothing was done. It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive study, to understand the situation, the level of lake intoxication. It is also necessary to investigate cows, which, by the way, died not only off the shores of the lake, but also far away. Carrying out only mechanical purification may not be enough, as complex studies are needed, as well as mapping of contaminated sites. All this should be done by the relevant government departments,” he noted.

The expert added that the flowering of the lake may indicate the presence of microcystin poison, which, when released into the food chain, does not die even when boiled.

According to him, representatives of economic entities protect their interests, however, without decently representing all the risks.