US is playing with fire, Mehr reported quoting Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.

"I think the United States is playing with fire," Zarif said.

Asked if there was a face-saving offer that Iran would accept from Washington, Zarif said, "I think in any negotiations, you need to find a win/win situation. Otherwise, you'll end up with a lose/lose situation.”

According to him, Iran does not want to comply with the requirements of the United States that the transaction was revised.

On the anniversary of the US withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal, Iran in May announced the termination of the implementation of a number of Iranian nuclear deal points in terms of enriched uranium and heavy water. Iran has exceeded the ceiling of low-enriched uranium reserves of 300 kilograms. Subsequently, Tehran authorities announced a second phase of reduction of their obligations under the nuclear deal due to the fact that the member countries of the deal could not fulfill Tehran’s demands within 60 days. According to recent reports, Iran has already increased the enrichment level of uranium to 4.5% (the nuclear deal set a limit of 3.67%).

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) reported in June that the Iranian military shot down an American drone after it violated Iranian airspace. According to the US Central Command (CENTCOM), the US Navy drone was shot down over the Strait of Hormuz in international airspace.