Armenia is interested in the development of relations with the United States. Armenian National Assembly (NA) President Ararat Mirzoyan on Monday said this at the Atlantic Council, in Washington, D.C., the Voice of America Armenian Service reported.

Mirzoyan added that he does not see any obstacles in terms of deepening these relations, but a more precise agenda is needed, and Armenia-US relations should move from the arena of diplomatic declarations to the arena of precise partnership relations.

Expressing gratitude for the American assistance provided to Armenia over the years, Mirzoyan stressed that this assistance is important to Armenia not only in terms of economy, investments, and exchange of knowhow, but also in the political arena.

The Armenian parliament speaker highlighted that the current tension in US-Iran relations negatively affects Armenia’s economy. He underscored the importance of Yerevan’s relations with Tehran, since two of Armenia’s four borders are closed, but he noted that the development of relations with a friendly country should not be at the expense of another friendly country. Mirzoyan added that they would like the US not to exert pressure on Armenia in the context of US sanctions on Iran, and that Armenia cannot pay such a price.

Responding to a query on the Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) conflict, the Armenian NA speaker viewed this matter in the arena of human rights, and attached importance to the involvement of Artsakh’s population in the negotiation process.

Speaking about the political and economic developments in Armenia, Ararat Mirzoyan stressed the need for judicial reforms in the country and the continued fight against corruption, and he reaffirmed the incumbent Armenian authorities’ commitment to democracy and the rule of law.

On the same day, the visiting delegation of the Armenian parliamentarians met with the American Armenian community representatives, at the Armenian embassy in the US. In his remarks, Ararat Mirzoyan welcomed the Armenian community of Washington, and touched upon the achievements of post-revolutionary Armenia and several important issues in the country.