This morning, the lawyer of the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Georgia had a meeting with the citizen of Armenia detained for transporting a radioactive substance, as reported the Armenian Embassy in Georgia.

“The citizen feels well and has no complaints. The lawyer transferred the embassy’s phone number so that the citizen can call the embassy with any question, and the embassy will provide assistance within the limits of the law. The citizen wanted clothes. We contacted the citizens’ relatives, and they will provide the clothes. We’re helping the relatives visit the citizen since they are unfamiliar with the city. We’re doing whatever we can do to help until the trial,” the Armenian Embassy reports.

Earlier, Armenian had reported that on July 11, officers of the State Security Service of Georgia arrested citizen of the Republic of Armenia M. M. who, as the Georgian side reported, is suspected of owning the radioactive substance detected on the Armenian-Georgian border.

The city court of Tbilisi has rendered a decision to apply remand as a preventive measure.