YEREVAN. – The process of transitional justice and, in general, the process of reforms in the judiciary of Armenia is considerably slowing down, according to Past (Fact) newspaper.

“The Venice Commission also had noted about this.

“According to Past’s information, one of the reasons for the delay is financial.

“It is apparent that major financial means are needed to implement those quite profound and resource-exhausting processes, which [the financial means] is a serious problem at the present phase for the [Armenian] state.

“The newspaper has already touched upon the information that the authorities have a monetary expectation from the EU to implement the abovementioned processes; it was even said that some loan resources might be included. A few days ago, the newspaper has learned that some problems have arisen in connection with the allocation of that expected financial assistance, and [that] the providing of the money is delayed for yet unknown reasons,” Past wrote.