YEREVAN. – The adversary fired at Yelpin village, from Nakhchivan, last night. Artsrun Hovhannisyan, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense (MOD) of Armenia, informed this to Armenian

“It wasn’t large caliber, it wasn’t intense,” he added. “But the bullet hit the roof of [the house of] one of the Yelpin residents.”

As reported earlier, a fire broke out Monday on Armenia’s border with Nakhchivan, and as a result of the shots fired by Azerbaijan.

Hovik Smbatyan, the mayor of Khachik border village of Armenia, had told Armenian that the fire broke out on the Azerbaijani side and, most likely, as a result of the adversary’s firing shots during shooting exercises, or military drills.

The fire spread about 10 hectares on the Azerbaijani side and, subsequently, it passed to the Armenian side.

“We have put out the fire, with the help of the villagers and the firefighters, not permitting [it] to come near our arable land,” our interlocutor had added.