The closed screening of the three historical essay films “Cilicia: Land of Lions” was held splendidly at Metropolis Empire Sofil Cinema in Beirut yesterday. The screening and the discussion were attended by Lebanese government officials, Members of Parliament, members of the local Armenian community, intellectuals, cultural figures and mass media outlets.

The initiative was carried out with the support of founder of KOHAR Symphony Orchestra and Choir (the Khatchadourian family), particularly Lebanese-Armenian benefactor Harout Khatchadourian.

With the aim of propagandizing Armenian music and culture around the world and making them accessible for the generations, this time, KOHAR covers cinema, presenting the proud Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, one of the glorious pages in the history of the Armenian people.

The three essay films briefly and artistically present the 300-year-old history of the most powerful royal dynasties of Cilicia.

The essay films were produced by Domino Production and are the first such project in the Armenian market.

This project, which is aimed at instilling in the hearts of Armenians and eternalizing in history the history of Cilicia, is extremely important for Armenian culture. This is the first and only feature film about the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, and the crew has set the goal to enter the global market with this film.

The premiere of the essay films will be held in Armenia soon.