Documents and drives related to the case of second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan were seized after a search conducted in the office of Judge Davit Grigoryan of the Yerevan court of general jurisdiction, as reported Grigoryan’s attorney Georgy Melikyan.

The attorney stated that the search was conducted in the offices of not only Davit Grigoryan, but also his assistant and secretary, and their computers were seized. As a result, according to Melikyan, the office of the judge is not operating, and there is a hindrance to the implementation of justice.

“The actions of the Special Investigation Service are unlawful. The court ruling only permitted to conduct a search in the office of the judge and assistant, but investigators also seized items from the office of the secretary, even though they weren’t allowed to do that,” he said.

The attorney informed that he and his client have addressed the Supreme Judicial Council in relation to the hindrance to implementation of justice.

Touching upon the criminal case within the framework of which the body conducting proceedings has received permission to conduct a search, the attorney stated that institution of the case was rejected on February 18, 2019. According to the attorney, the prosecutor approved the decision on rejecting institution of the criminal case, and the decision entered into force.

“All this is planned, and in my opinion, it is a direct action to have an influence on the case of Robert Kocharyan since only the documents and drives related to Robert Kocharyan’s case were seized during the search,” he said.