High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs of Armenia Zareh Sinanyan met today with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, State Secretary Grigory Karasin, as reported the Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs.

The meeting was held on the sidelines of Zareh Sinanyan’s working visit to Russia and attended by Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to the Russian Federation Vardan Toghanyan.

At the outset of the meeting, Grigory Karasin stated that Russia is a multiethnic country and said the Armenians form a part of that multiethnic country and are very active in politics, culture, society and economy.

Zareh Sinanyan emphasized that the Armenian community of Russia has great potential, and Armenia will be glad, if the Armenians of Russia, who are already fully integrated in Russian society, are able to participate in the development of Russia and preserve their national identity at the same time.

The High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs presented the main goals and functions of the Office of the High Commissioner and the main directions for activities with Armenian communities of the Diaspora, including the Armenian community of Russia. Sinanyan stated that he has had several meetings and will visit Russia often since there is a large Armenian community in Russia and the geography. He added that the Office will work hard with the Armenian community of Russia and will engage members of the Armenian community as employees.